Online Project for College Students 
Learning English as a Second Language
 Prepared for 
Foreign Students at the Studienkolleg Bonn
1.  Text Comprehension

Read the following Text:

Packages are a major determinant of what consumers buy. Numerous blind tests have shown that consumers cannot distinguish between their favorite soft drink and one that they refuse to drink (when the identities of the drinks are concealed). To a large degree, then, consumers are not buying products--they are buying packages. If their favorite drink was in a different can or bottle, they probably would not like it.


Here are three tasks: 

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1.1.  Fill in the gaps.

1.2.  Put the words into the right order.

1.3.  Match the right words.

2.  Crossword puzzle - topic:  house savings plan

3.  Translation of verbal structures  







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